Buckhead Fine Restorations is the brainchild of Robert Rauton, a highly-trained professional restorer of fine and period antiques who has toiled in this labor of love on both sides of the Atlantic for nearly two decades. Mr. Rauton has been trained by and worked side by side with English polishers and restorers who are third and fourth generation in their craft.
Mr. Rauton also studied under stone, wood and metal sculptors and art restorers during his nearly five years of apprenticeship abroad. He completed and showed a full series of stone sculpture while in Paris.
Most of Mr. Rauton's time abroad was spent in Paris, France where he worked with Christian Lejon. M. Lejon is an antique dealer and restorer and a graduate of the renown Boulle School of furniture building and design.  For details please visit: www.ecole-boulle.org/english/welcome.htm.
Andre Boulle was the chief furniture maker to the French King Louis XIV and in 1672.  M. Boulle was granted the royal privilege of lodging in the Palais du Louvre. He founded the school in Paris in the 15th Century where it still exists to this day in the 12th Arrondissement of Paris.
With his vast and broad experience in the arts and particularly in restoration, Mr. Rauton has assembled a team at Buckhead Fine Restorations with all the skills necessary to provide you the very best Fine Art and Antique restoration available on either side of the Atlantic.


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